Welcome to the

Third International
Faustmann Symposium

28 - 31 October 2009:

"Forest Economics in a
Dynamic and Changing World"

The themes of the symposium are:


  • New theoretical developments of deterministic and stochastic forest economic models in the rapidly changing worlds of natural resources, environment, and economic development.

  • Theoretical and practical applications for optimal timber production at the stand, forest and regional levels, including studies on forest economic problems in developing countries.

  • Studies on the integration of timber production with recreational and other forest values, including economic studies on forestry and climate change.

  • Studies applying the optimal rotation approach in other fields of resource, environmental or agricultural economics.

The symposium is sponsored by:


Wilhelm von Finck Stiftung

Blauwald GmbH & Co. KG


The symposium is organized by:



2009 Institute of
Forest Economics
TU Mnchen