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Wilke, C.

Forest Business - How do we manage in Hesse?
Hetsch, S.Avoided deforestation in the climate change negotiations and the voluntary carbon market
Olschewski, R.Optimizing Forest Land Use in Tropical Landscapes
Kuuluvainen, J.
Non-industrial private forest owners´timber supply: what have we learned from micro data?



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Studies on the basis of Faustmann's and Pressler's ideas (FP)

Price, C.Optimal rotation with declining disount rate
Helmedag, F.When to cut a tree
Chang, S. J.Calculation of the value which forest land and immature stands possess for forestry under the generalized Faustmann formula
Viitala, E.-J.Discovery of the Faustmann formula in England and in the German territorial states 1683-1849
Peyron, J.-L.Faustmann theory, steady state analysis and application to an evolving world
Gong, P.; Löfgren, K.-G.Did Pressler understand how to use the indicator per cent
Airaksinen, M.; Hannelius, S.New solution in forest market valuation: Why Faustmann's formula gives too high values compared to market prices?
Majumdar, S.; Zhang, Y.The optimal rotation problem with variable forestland holding size
Zhang, Y.; Majumdar, S. Creating and Sharing Value from Timber Production: IRR, LEV, and Profit Maximization
Kaiser, R.; Bösch, M; Moog, M.On the optimization of legislative periods - similarities to the optimization of rotation periods


Nonindustrial private forest owners, Empirical studies and Policy (NEP)

Juutinen, A.; Ollikainen, M.Conservation contracts for forest biodiversity. Theory and experience from Finland
Harou, P.; Zheng, Ch.-L.Faustmann and the abandonment test approach
Grebner, D. L.; Amacher, G. S.; Grado, St. C.Cogongrass control and financial returns for non-industrial private forest landowners in the United States Mid-South
Schlüter, A.; Nichiforel, L.Made markets: Entrepreneurial rent-seeking and institutional change in the forestry sector
Barua, S. K.; Kuuluvainen, J.; Uusivuori, J.Taxation, life-time uncertainty and non-industrial private forest-owner's decision-making
Rana, P.; Akhter, S.; Sohel, S. I.Economics of the plant species used in homestead agroforestry of southern Bangladesh
Soirinsuo, J.; Mäkinen, P.Importance of the financial situation for the growth of a forest machine entrepreneur


Climate change and forestry (C)

Yousefpour, R.; Hanewinkel, M.Adaptation and mitigation to climate change by the multipurpose modelling of forest management planning
Bernetti, I.; Fagarazzi, C.; Ciampi, C.; Sacchelli, S.The evaluation of forest crop damages due to climate change. An application of the Dempster-Shafer method
Jacobsen, J. B.; Bosselmann, A. S.; Kjaer, E. D.; Thorsen, B. J.Economic value of forest genetic diversity in the face of climate change
Nijnik, M.Carbon sink economics: Examples from forestry in Europe
Valsta, L.Sequester or harvest - the optimal use of managed forests to mitigate climate change
Köthke, M.; Dieter, M.Effects of carbon sequestration rewards on forest management - an empirical application of adjusted Faustmann-formulas
Lyhykainen, H.Optimization of the stand level management taking account climate benefits of the garvested wood products
Costa-Duarte, C.; Cunha-e-Sá,
M.; Rosa, R.
Multi-species forest vintages and carbon


Economics of Forest Management (EFM)

Niinimäki, S.; Tahvonen, O.; Perttunen, J.Incorporating a process based Norway spruce model with economics and optimization
Laturi, J.; Linturi, J.; Niinistö, S.Size class model based on simulated data: estimation and technical analysis
Halbritter, A.; Deegen, P.Economic analysis of exploitation and regeneration in plantations with problematic site productivity
Tahvonen, O.; Pukkala, T.; Lähde, E.; Laiho, O.Economics of even vs. uneven-aged forestry: the case of Norway spruce
Schou, E.; Jacobsen, J. B.An economic evaluation of strategies for the conversion from even-aged to near-natural forestry in a conifer dominated forest in Denmark
Costa, A; Borges, J. G.; Oliveira, A. C.Optimizing cork oak forest management scheduling in the western Mediterranean Basin
Bogle, T.; van Kooten, G.C.What makes mountain pine beetle tricky pest? Optimal harvest when facing beetle attack in a mixed species forest.
Akay, A. E.; Serin, H.; Pak, M.; Yenilmez, N.Optimum tree-stem bucking of Brutian Pine (Pinus prutia) trees in Antalya, Turkey
Dirsch, R.Forest Stand and Enterprise Level. Links and Solutions with Full Enumeration and Linear Programming
Heshmatol Vaezin, S. M.; Peyron, J.-L.Applications of the tree-level Faustmann formula in treemarking
Pykäläinen, J.; Mäkitie, J.V-value optimization method for forest planning


Regional studies (R)

Pak, M.Economic analysis of agricultural land use integrated with forestry: A hypothetical application in Turkey
Rosa, R.Forests multiple use management
Höllerl, S.; Hammerl, R.; Knoke, Th.; Mosandl, R.Financial effects of silvicultural measures in pure protection forests in the Bavarian Alps
Koutroumanidis, Th.; Zafeiriou, E.; Arabatzi, G.The causal relationship between the price, the imported, exported volume and the domestic production in round wood market. An empirical evidence in the Greek round wood sector
Hanewinkel, M.Estimating the change in value of European forestland under climate change. Is "Faustmann" an appropriate approach?
Ribeiro, C.; et. al.NNAMTSUAF - Using the reciprocal of the Faustmann Formula to foster environmental compliance in Brazil
Brazee, R. J.; Meilby, H.,Dynamic waves and the harvest of multiple rotations
Offer, A.About the relevance of FAUSTMANN calculations in public forests of Hesse, Germany
Fedkiw, J.; Brazee, R. J.Understanding sustainability as a landscape goal and process: A framework for economic modeling (or understanding) and analysis
Manley, B.Impact of the New Zealand emissions trading scheme on forest valuation


Stochastic studies (S)

Bhagwat, S., Brazee, R. J.; Rusteberg, R.; Ravikrishnan, R.Review of the impacts of risk and uncertainty on forest management
Hildebrandt, P.; Knoke, Th.Investment decisions under uncertainty - A methodological review on forest science studies
Buongiorno, J.; Zhou, M.Further generalization of Faustmann's formula for stochastic interest rates
Wallner, K.The value of expiring credits based on arbitrage theory
Chang, S. J.; Deegen, P.Pressler's indicator rate formula as a guide for forest management in a dynamic world of unaticipated changes
Bayazidi, S., Yoshimoto, A.Optimal rotation under different stochastic prices
Loisel, P.Faustmann rotation and population dynamics in the presence of a risk of destructive events
Staupendahl, K.; Möhring, B.Natural risk modelling in silvicultural decision models: A survival function approach
Petrasek, St.; Perez-Garcia, J.; Lippke, B.; Bruce Bare, B.An Option-Based Model for Valuing Forests under Timber and Carbon Price Untcertainty

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