IUFRO Tagung: Unit 4.05.00

Managerial Economics and Accounting

am 28. Oktober 2009:

"Sustainable Forest Management and Accounting -
Resolutions During the Financial Crisis"

Ort: Karolinenplatz 3 (altes Staatsarchiv) in Darmstadt


(Foto: Martin Moog, 2009)




IUFRO 4.05.00

Prof. Dr. Shashi Kant, chair
Faculty of Forestry
University of Toronto (Kanada)


IUFRO 4.05.01IUFRO 4.05.02

Prof. Dr. Hans Joebstl, chair
Department of Economics and Social Sciences
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (Österreich)

Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Peyron, chair
ECOFOR, Paris (Frankreich)

Prof. Dr. Lyudmyla Maksymiv, deputy
Institute of Ecological Economics
Ukrainian National Forestry University (Ukraine)

Prof. Dr. Ludek Sisak, deputy
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences
University of Life Sciences (Tschechien)

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Möhring, deputy
Institut für Forstökonomie
Universität Göttingen (Deutschland)

Prof. Dr. Martin Moog, deputy
Lehrstuhl für Forstliche Wirtschaftslehre
Technische Universität München (Deutschland)


Weitere Mitglieder

Prof. Dr. Lidija Zadnik Stirn
Chair of Unit Applied Mathematics
University of Ljubljana (Slowenien)


Hier finden Sie die Präsentationen der IUFRO-Konferenz zeitlich geordnet vor:

Zadnik Stirn, L.Forest management from multicriteria and group decision making view - A methodological challenge
Sekot, W.
Suitability of forest enterprises as decision making units in comparative efficiency analysis
Kovacevic, V.Cost-benefit analysis of biologically contained GM poplar (Populus sp.) production in Sweden
Rößiger, J.Simultaneous optimization of rotation periods and tree species composition
Nijnik, M.Modelling Carbon Uptake and Analysing Economics of Planting Trees to Mitigate Climate Change
Goio, I.Climate change: multiple effects on alpine forests
Wallner, K.

Forest projects within the Kyoto Protocol

Penttinen, M.IAS/IFRS forest accounting and valuation on profitability book-keeping farms
Maksymiv, L.A Corporate Management Accounting and Reporting of Forest Enterprises in the Context
of Environmental and Financial Crises Challenges
Hartebrodt, C.From Sustainable Forest Management Towards
Management of Sustainability in Forest Enterprises
Burkhardt, T.The use of the „Forstlicher Zinssatz“ as an
approximation approach in an uncertain world
Zwirglmaier, K.Seasonal Influence in Determinants of Timber Supply and Demand
BruciamacchieAnalysis of French timber prices
over the past 50 years
Wossidlo, K.Germany’s multifunctional forest: implications for German forest owner? – Initial insights from a stochastic valuation and risk management approach

2009 Lehrstuhl fr
Forstliche Wirtschaftslehre
TU Mnchen